• goatsandgangsters:

    I LOVE when Nucky says “sure, you can sweep the sand” because he’s vocalizing and admitting the cyclical nature of this life of violence, power, and greed, and he’s trying to break the cycle from continuing through him any further.

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  • shouldnt:

    writing an earlier date on your paper to look like a better student

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  • ultrafacts:



    Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

    Secret Service: “Dammit, we need to stop playing hide and seek.”

    Calvin Coolidge: “You lose.”


    Also, apparently as President he often went to dinner parties he hated. Someone finally asked why he went. His reply: “Got to eat somewhere.” Source

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  • An afterlife needs to exist for the sole reason that there are historical people I need to talk to.

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  • nevver:

    Birds of a feather, Lar Rattray

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  • xxcactusdudexx:

    you ever playing a video game and die in such a bullshit way that you need to go lie down for a few hours to recover

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  • jchastain:

    Countdown to HalloweenCoraline (2009)

    You probably think this world is a dream come true. But you’re wrong.

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  • thefoodshow:

Peanut Butter And Fluff Ice Cream
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  • annmariexrose:

    Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

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